Creating a New Accession

There are two simple ways to start a new accession:

In either case, the Edit Accession screen will open.

Edit Accession Screen

Adding Accession Information

Enter the accession information into the Accession section. This section includes the following fields:

To enter a Client Requisition ID, click the show more icon ShowMore located in the top right corner of the Accession section. The Client Req. ID text field will appear.

Adding Physician Information

In the Physicians field, select the ordering provider type by clicking in the box that is prefilled as "Ordering". The provider choices are:

Type the providing physician name or NPI into the search field. A list will populate based on your entry. Select the providing physician.

Adding Notes

You can find the Notes field at the top right corner of the Edit Accession screen. It displays all current notes, and can be filtered by test associated with the accession. To begin a new note, click on the AddButton icon to open the Note Dialog. Enter your note into the text field and click "Add". The Note Dialog will close and your note will appear in the Notes field. Notes must be at least ten characters before they may be saved.

Alternatively, you can add an Order or Specimen note by hovering over an added test or specimen, respectively, and selecting the Add Note Icon AddNoteIcon

Adding Tests

Select the Default Bill Type. Add tests by typing the test name into the Add Tests field and selecting the desired test from the populated list below.

Adding Specimens

Click in the Add Specimens field and a list of all appropriate specimen types will be populated based on the ordered tests. The specimen which you select will be added to the Specimens section, and assigned to all tests for which the specimen is appropriate.

You can add a Source or Specimen ID to each specimen by entering the information into the provided text fields.

Disassociating Specimens from Tests

To disassociate a specimen from a test, hover over the specimen located in the Tests Field and click the minus sign circled below.

*Note: Tests must be associated with at least one specimen. If you would like to remove a specimen that is the only one associated with a test, an additional specimen must be associated with the test before the initial specimen may be removed.


Associating Specimens with Tests

To add a specimen to a test, click inside of the specimen field circled in red below. A dropdown menu of all specimens that have been added and can be associated with the test will be populated. Simply select the specimen you want to associate with the test, and it will be added to the Tests field.


Deleting a Physician

To remove a physician, hover over the physician information and click the TrashIcon icon.

This function becomes disabled once an accession is saved.

Deleting Tests

To remove a test, hover over the desired test and click the CancelTest icon.

This function becomes disabled once an accession is saved.

Deleting Specimens

To remove a specimen, hover over the desired specimen and click the TrashIcon icon.

This function becomes disabled once an accession is saved.


Click the Submit button located at the bottom right of the screen to save your accession.

Alternatively, selecting the Submit & New button will do all of the following:

Printing a Requisition Report

After saving, the Print Icon will become available in the upper left corner of the screen.
PrintIcon Click the Print Icon and select Requisition Report. The requisition report will download.